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The Book of Our Heritage Set
Author: Eliyahu Kitov
Publisher: Feldheim Publishers

3-volume set: The Jewish year and its days of significance
H/C.Regular - 3-vol.set-slipcased $79.99
H/C Pocket - 3-vol.set-slipcased $49.99

  Product Description
Rabbi Eliyahu Kitov O.B.M. is one of Israel's most acclaimed religious authors, whose books on the Jewish way of life and on the Chasidic movement have become renowned bestsellers. The publication of this edition coincides with his 21st. yahrtzeit.

The Book of Our Heritage illuminates the many phases of the Jewish calendar - its holidays and festivals, fast days, days of rejoicing and sorrow; the meanings of their laws of observance as well as a wealth of Midrashic commentary and inspiring insights by earlier and later Sages.

Written almost forty years ago and published in English several years later, The Book of Our Heritage quickly became and exceedingly popular and essential work for every Jewish home, exploring the breadth and depth of our glorious tradition and heritage. It captured the hearts of bnei Torah and ba'alei teshuvah alike, as a book to teach from and to learn from, a book to read aloud at the Shabbos table and all year round, a book from which Jewish families everywhere and on every occasion could draw knowledge and inspiration.

This revised, expanded, and fully annotated edition includes:
  • a detailed Table of Contents for each volume, to facilitate access to specific topics
  • a revised translation that retains the unique character of the original
  • all-new typography and page design that provide a fresh, pleasant appearance and easy readability
  • annotated source citations from Scripture, Talmud, Midrash, the ethical teachings, and a wealth of Jewish philosophical writings, for reference and further study
  • new material which appeared in the recently published revised Hebrew edition.
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