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Heaven Exposed
For seven years, Tzvi Freeman’s reweaving of ancient tales have been one of the hottest hits on the Jewish web. Now they’ve finally hit realspace for all the rest of us. The moon holds what would seem a hopeless argument with its Maker— who controls all that exists by voice-activated interface— and wins. The Heavenly Court noshes popcorn while entertained by 3D multimedia presentations— of bidders on a hot miracle contract. A psychotherapist discovers his client can’t tolerate the laws of nature— because he was trained on the supernatural track by Heaven Incorporated. And an angel from the technical support desk discovers the secret of physicality— bringing it to market as a spiritual-to-physical travel device. Tzvi Freeman has already built a reputation for poetic literary style and depth of insight with his collection of short meditations, "Bringing Heaven Down To Earth." In Heaven Exposed, he polishes the fables of the ancients with the fiery wisdom of the Kabbalah and welds them into a golden setting of science fiction to present us with a chest of magnificent jewelry. What makes this so spectacular is that the fables and the Kabbalah are as authentic as you can get. What’s even more wondrous is that such deep wisdom could be made so much fun. As the author puts it, "G-d is found in paradox— and it is paradox that makes people laugh."


Hyper-Modern Ancient With-It Traditional Haggadah
There are plenty of traditional Haggadahs on the market, and plenty of fun, creative ones. This Haggadah is unique in that it is both. Using the ancient technique of targum, rather than direct translation, here, in plain, spoken English, all the nuances and drama of the Haggadah come alive. The formatting and titling of sections brings the structure and flow of the Seder into the open, while the language and fun cartoons make it speak to the modern mind.


Bringing Heaven Down to Earth Vol1
Since their appearance in 1997, the 365 meditations of Bringing Heaven Down to Earth have transformed the lives of tens of thousands, Jewish and otherwise. Their combination of profound depth, practicality and straight to the point style is a winner for everyone. The meditations turn up everywhere, in corporate calendars, local newspapers, rabbi’s sermons and email signatures. The Daily Dose, an electronic spinoff, fans out through one of the largest lists on the Jewish Internet. This special hard cover edition with a classic Chuck Carter dust jacket, art motif page format, photograph and a new index is designed to be a great gift item. Acclaimed by Rabbi Dr. Jonathan Sacks, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Dr. Laura Schlesinger, Rabbi Manis Friedman and many others. Soft cover 304 Pages;

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