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Living a Joyous Life
Secular and religious Jews alike will find wisdom and inspiration in this new book in which Rabbi David Aaron reveals the joy that living a Jewish life can bring. With his characteristic humor, enthusiasm, and insight, Rabbi Aaron looks at key, and often misunderstood, aspects of Jewish practice—our relationship with God, Torah study, prayer, living the commandments, celebrating the Sabbath, and keeping kosher—and shows us how they enable us to access and express the godliness within us. Celebrating Shabbat, for example, reminds us that we are created in the image of God, empowered with free choice and intention; studying the Torah releases our chen, or inner beauty and grace; and observing kosher laws helps keep us in touch with our human sensitivity. Rabbi Aaron clarifies why many Jews today feel disconnected from their heritage. He invites readers who have lost touch with their Jewish roots to "unpack their spiritual baggage" and discover the true spirit of Judaism.Rabbi Aaron is one of the most dynamic and accessible teachers of Kabbalah and Jewish wisdom today, and this book is a warm invitation to anyone struggling to find fresh meaning in Jewish practice.


Inviting God In
This warm, inspiring look at the Jewish holidays--by one of the most dynamic and accessible teachers of Jewish thought today--shows us how each holy day empowers us to recognize God's loving presence in our life everyday. There are many books that discuss how to celebrate the holidays; Inviting God In explains why we should celebrate. Using biblical references, anecdotes, and teaching tales, Rabbi David Aaron takes us through the Jewish calendar year and explains how each holiday--from the most joyous to the most somber--reveals God's ever-present love for us. Passover, for example, celebrates unconditional love; Shavuot reminds us of freedom and our power to take responsiblity; Rosh Hashanah is about the joy of accountability and Yom Kippur sanctifies compassion and forgiveness. Rabbi Aaron helps us to awaken our soulful connection to the dramatic events that occured on those days, and to experience the holidays as opportunities to revitalize our personal relationship with God. Rabbi Aaron is an enthusiastic guide, and his fresh view of the holidays will enliven and enrich traditional celebration. Inviting God In will inspire both practicing Jews who want to reinvigorate their observance of the holidays and secular Jews searching for a meaningful way to reconnect with their Jewish roots.


The Secret Life of G-d
How much does our perception of God really matter? Many of us aren't conscious of our image of a "higher power." For some of us, that unspoken image is a Judgmental Parent or an exacting Old Man in the Sky. For others, God is an Imaginary Friend who is there to fix problems after we create them. David Aaron can help you discover a mature, new understanding of God and lead you to discover the wellspring of Divinity within you. By drawing on teachings of Kabbalah that were secret for millennia, he helps you to reclaim the power you've given away to negative images of God or passive images of yourself. These mystical secrets of Judaism can offer reassuring guidance, meaning, and purpose to the lives of people of all faiths. In the journey to discovering God's secret life you will:


Moral Issues of the Marketplace in Jewish Law
By use of the case study method, this book presents and analyzes moral dilemmas of the marketplace from the perspective of American law, secular business ethics, and Jewish law. The types of moral dilemmas with which are dealt are those that one encounters in everyday life in the roles of market participant and citizen. Economic analysis and public policy considerations are a feature of this work. Through Dr. Levine’s interdisciplinary approach, this book shows that secular scholarship and economic analysis open up vistas, nuances, and subtleties for cases discussed in ancient and modern Jewish law sources. The moral dilemmas in this work are organized topically. The topics include: professional ethics; fair competition; marketing ethics; labor relations; privacy issues; public policy; and ethical issues in the protection of property. "Both student and scholar will glean new insights from the erudite analyses presented in this volume." -- Rabbi J. David Bleich "Professor Levine's endeavor is a truly worthy addition to any classification of Mussar S'forim because of its unique pragmatic approach and direction." -- Rabbi Gedalia Schwartz "Through his mastery of many disciplines, Rabbi Levine presents a Living Torah which gives constant direction through the vicissitudes of life. This exemplifies a genuine Sanctification of G-d's name [Kiddush Hashem]." -- Rabbi David Cohen "A striking combination of the wisdom of Jewish law and modern economics." -- Dr. Dennis Carlton


Crisis, Covenant and Creativity
Crisis, Covenant and Creativity deals with some of the most widely discussed issues in contemporary Jewish religious life. How do religious people deal with tolerance when they are convinced that their religious beliefs carry the truth and that others are mistaken? To what extent should the modern application of “Halachic decision making” be influenced by existential wonder and the religious mission and philosophy of the Jewish people? How does Halachic living lead to a greater awareness of the mystery and beauty of life? As the search for Jewish Identity becomes more and more complex, what is the meaning of Jewish authenticity in light of Jean Paul Sartre’s understanding of anti-Semitism? Rabbi Dr. Nathan Lopes Cardozo is a world renowned thinker, lecturer, and ambassador for Judaism and the Jewish people. He is known for his original insights into how Judaism relates to and remains relevant in our complex, modern times. A prolific author, Rabbi Lopes Cardozo’s books and essays are read by laymen, Rabbis and academicians throughout the Jewish and non-Jewish world. He is a sought-after lecturer on Judaism and Israel at numerous institutions throughout the world, including the Jewish studies programs at Cambridge, Oxford and Harvard Universities, various Young Israel communities, the Orthodox Union, and the Union of Sephardi Communities. He is the founder and Dean of the David Cardozo Academy and Machon Ohr Aaron in Jerusalem and pens a weekly “Thought to Ponder,” which may be subscribed to through the website www.cardozoschool.org. Rabbi Lopes Cardozo is a distinguished member of the Spanish and Portuguese Jewish Community, received his rabbinical degree from Gateshead Talmudical College, and holds a Doctorate degree in philosophy.


Who's Who in Tanakh
The Hebrew Bible or Tanakh - an acronym for Torah, (Pentateuch), Neviim (Former and Latter Prophets), (Former and Latter Prophets), and Ketuvim, (miscellaneous writings) - includes in its pages over three thousand characters. This unique volume, the most complete and detailed reference book that has been written on the subject, tells the story of each one of them. From Aaron to Zurishaddai, this book relates the biographies of every single person named in the Bible, the very famous and the less famous. They are all here, patriarchs and prophets, warriors and peace makers, kings and queens, holy men and sinners, heroes and villains. Each entry gathers together, in a coherent and continuous narration, all the references found in the Bible about that particular person, information that, in many cases, is scattered across great stretches of the biblical text. The biographical entries, conveniently arranged in an encyclopedic A to Z format, are accompanied by information about the origin of the name of the person and its meaning, and the approximate date when that person lived. If more than one person shares the same name, the entries are ordered and numbered according to their first appearance in the Bible. This book differs from comparable volumes in having only the Bible text as its source. It is based solely on the biblical text, without extra-biblical stories, theological interpretations, or other additions. This is an informative, comprehensive, and indispensable reference book for general readers and scholars; students of all ages and teachers; religious institutions, colleges and seminaries; rabbis; ministers, and religious educators. One can open it for a quick reference check about a specific biblical person, or, even better, to read and enjoy the fascinating stories of the men and women whose lives, teachings and sayings have such a great influence and impact in our own lives.

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