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The Shabbat Synagogue Companion
The Shabbat Synagogue Companion guides you through the complete prayer services of both Friday evening and Shabbat morning, along with easy-to-read key transliterations in English, and instructions to help you along. A complete introduction to the Shabbat and prayer is also included, making for a more informed, educated experience next time you are in the synagogue. Editorial Reviews Wouldn't it feel great to be able to participate more fully in the Synagogue Shabbat services? Well now you can! With easy-to-read explanations and clear instructions, this guide to the prayer services of both Friday evening and Shabbat morning maps each prayer and explains its origin, meaning, and historical significance, and includes English transliterations of key prayers for those who don't read Hebrew but want to read or sing along. Also included are instructions for common synagogue honors such as opening the Ark or being called to the Torah. Ideal for beginners and pros alike, get a copy for each of your family members and friends! CD Sing along in the synagogue! Learn the basic songs and prayers of the Shabbat services, so you can join and sing along with ease. Includes 27 of the most popular tunes and prayers from Friday night and Shabbat day davening in a typical synagogue. Great as an educational tool or for simply enjoying the inspiring prayers and songs of the Shabbat services. Pause at each congregational reading or song and learn the words and melodies as they are clearly read and sung aloud.


The Shabbat Table Companion
This new 10th Anniversary Edition of the popular Shabbat Table Companion will help bring the full Shabbat experience to life in your home. With clear instructions and English transliterations of all Hebrew blessings and prayers (Kiddush, Havdallah, Grace After Meals), this book is a complete guide to creating a Shabbat atmosphere in the home. Ideal for beginners and pros alike, get a copy for each of your family members, guests and friends! CD Learn the traditional Shabbat songs and prayers for the meals and create a real Shabbat atmosphere in your home. Become familiar with the songs of Sholom Aleichem, chanting the Kiddush, and the full Grace After Meals, as they are clearly read and sung aloud. Also includes Shalosh Seudos (the third meal), and Havdallah (the Shabbat concluding ceremony). Great as an educational tool or for simply enjoying the inspiring prayers and songs of around the Shabbat table at home.


The Complete Junior Congregation Synagogue Companion
This book will help bring the Shabbat synagogue experience to life for children of all ages! With large, clear Hebrew type of all the basic Shabbat prayers, alongside large, easy-to-read English transliterations, plus simplified English translations and explanations, boys and girls will now be able to participate in the prayer services like never before. This companion will fit perfectly on the shelf in your synagogue and is sure to be a hit in any community! Get a copy for your own children and for your Shul! Includes: • Intuitive icons indicating the proper prayer for each age group. • All basic prayers for Friday night and Shabbat Morning services. • Alef-Beis Chart, Morning blessings, Selection of Torah verses. • Blessings for Food and Drink, and more.

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