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The Rabbi and the CEO
Leadership is in crisis—from business to government, leaders have lost their compass in the rough seas of a borderless economy, the Internet and turbulent markets. A seismic shift has changed the game: since the days of the Great Man are numbered, virtually anyone can lead now. But how do you breed principled leaders for the 21st century? Is leadership a matter of DNA, culture, or coaching? The answer comes from an unexpected source: the 3,000-year-old tradition of Judaism. Jews are not called the People of the Book by accident. Torah, Talmud and Kabbalah hold life-and-death leadership stories of insurmountable odds, ethical dilemmas, lust and betrayal, and offer astonishingly practical lessons for twenty-first-century managers. In a unique synergy, Thomas D. Zweifel, Ph.D. , Swiss Consulting Group CEO, leadership professor and author of leadership books like Communicate or Die and Culture Clash, has teamed up with Rabbi Aaron L. Raskin, dynamic Jewish leader and author of Letters of Light, to blend the timeless wisdom of the Ten Commandments with a cutting-edge methodology based on 25 years of coaching leaders—a mix that provides the tools for lasting success.

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