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The Tanach Tour - Vol 1
Author: Pesach Levy
Publisher: SM


  Product Description
Pesach Levy, a veteran tour guide for over 35 years, brings Tanach alive and gives you a front row seat tour from Yerushalayim to the Dead Sea along the Jordan Valley till the Kineret in this picturesque, emotional, inspiring and educational video. A must for anyone who wants a better understanding of Navi. (Color, 60 minutes in English)
  • Yam Hamelech
  • Pegishat Hamelachim Byaakov Bmachnayim
  • Yaakov Umaalacho Shel Esav
  • Petirat Aharon Behar Hahar
  • Nachal Arnon
  • Knisat Haam Leretz
  • Hamiraglim Bzman Yehoshua
  • Kever Yosef Bshchem
  • Ehud Ben Geira
  • Yiftach Hagiladi
  • Hamalchus Shaul Shenit
  • Shmuel Mochiach Et Shaul
  • Shaul Michiat Amalek
  • Tliat Shaul Bbeit Shoan
  • Meridat Avshalom
  • Eliyahu Bnachal Karit
  • Aliyat Eliyahu Lmiromim
  • Maayan Elisha
  • Od Al Nisi Elisha
  • Yam Hamelech Basid Lovo
  • Chaluckas Haaretz Lshvatim Basid Lovo
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