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Davka Dikduk I
Publisher: JP

The next step in learning Hebrew!


  Product Description
You already read Hebrew and may know basic vocabulary. Now, it's time for the next step. It's time for Davka Dikduk!

Davka Dikduk uses informative and imaginative lessons, combined with challenging, enjoyable, and entertaining quizzes and exercises, to help you learn and understand Hebrew grammar. For the first time, studying Dikduk, Hebrew grammar, is FUN!

Davka Dikduk represents the culmination of a long and arduous process, years in the making, in our quest to design the very best Hebrew grammar program available. Developed by an expert Hebrew-language educator, Davka Dikduk introduces the basic principles of Hebrew grammar in a fresh, new way that will make learning Hebrew grammar satisfying and pleasurable.

You will study:

* Parts of speech and their usage in sentences
* Roots (Shorashim) and their inflections (prefixes and suffixes)
* Past, future, and present tenses of verbs
* Shelemim ('regular') and other categories in the first of the seven grammatical constructions, Binyan Pa'al
* Rules of feminine and masculine noun usage
* Pronouns and prepositions

Davka Dikduk was designed to make studying Hebrew grammar visually intuitive and easily understandable. All of the exercises, quizzes, and information screens were painstakingly developed to facilitate understanding the underlying principles of Hebrew grammar. The program's interface is well structured to allow quick and easy access to all units, stories, quizzes, and exercises. Colorful screens abound, and lively background music and sound effects make Dikduk, Hebrew grammar, fascinating, fun, and enjoyable.

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