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Alef Bet Adventure
Publisher: JP


  Product Description
An Educational Breakthrough!

Alef Bet Adventure is the finest program for teaching Hebrew reading to youngsters! Developed in conjunction with leading educators, Alef Bet Adventure presents the student with a full year's curriculum of Hebrew reading and teaches identification of letters and vowels, reading, and basic vocabulary.

Alef Bet Adventure is very user-friendly and flexible. It even includes a section to practice reading any combination of letters and vowels. Any page from the entire program can be printed for supplemental review. Alef Bet Adventure's colorful 3-D graphics, captivating sound, and superb animation will attract and engage youngsters. Yet, behind its flexibility and fun, Alef Bet Adventure teaches Hebrew reading in a very organized and systematic way.

Alef Bet Adventure is comprised of three main sections:

* The Letters
* The Vowels
* Words: Reading and Vocabulary

Each section begins with a Home Page from which you can access any part of that section. Each Letter on the Home Page has five learning sections. Each Vowel on the Home Page has ten learning sections. Each Words section is followed by an exercise.

There are also two bonus sections in this program:

* Practice Page, where you can design your own custom practice sheets to review on-screen or print out.

* Vocabulary Section, for quick acess to any of the words used in the program, and for easy reading and vocabulary practice.

Alef Bet Adventure's Unique Educational Method

The most common approach to teaching the Alef Bet is to first teach the names of all the letters and then teach the sounds of all the letters. This approach, though, can sometimes be confusing to a child, who may find it difficult to remember all the letters at once, without having had the opportunity to really get to know each individual letter.

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