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Russian Books
Guide to Passover with Haggadah and Commentaries


  Product Description
he first half of the book, A Guide to Passover, covers its history, ethical and philosophical basis, laws and customs along with the technical how-to`s of getting ready for Passover.

Intellectually engaging of the highest quality, culled from the full array of our classic sources-ranging from Bible, Talmud, Midrashim, Kabbalah, Rashi, Maimonides, and soulful Chassidic insights.

The second half of the book, Haggadah with Selected Commentaries, contains the Haggadah, with thought-provoking commentary on passages in the Haggadah along with detailed laws and customs surrounding the Passover Seder.

It`s deep enough to satisfy people who have outgrown the mass community Seder and want to do their own, with real meaning and feeling. Additionally, it is written in a style that will interest those who page through the Hagaddah between courses and during the evening.

This book is a critically acclaimed classic, and will enlighten and inspire countless individuals with greater understanding and appreciation of Pesach. It is sure to enhance the seder and give it deeper meaning.

Beautifully typeset, clear instructions and explanatory notes on how to conducting the seder are interspersed throughout, which are helpful to the beginner Seder leader as well as to the most educated veteran.

If there is a Haggadah for every Russian reader, it`s this. It will make a beautiful gift for anyone.

The newly revised edition of this book features several adjustments in the text, as well as in the layout and style, which make it more user friendly.

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