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Kabbalah/ Mussar/ Philosophy
Reclaiming the Self
Author: DovBer Pinson



  Product Description
Teshuvah is one of the great gifts of life. Through Teshuvah we are able to return from pain, fragmentation and confusion to a place of greater unity and well-being, to our authentic self. RECLAIMING THE SELF offers a glimpse into a world with-out the damaging influence of past negativity - where misdeed is transformed into merit. Questions addressed include: What exactly is Teshuvah and how does it function? How do we understand the mechanism of undoing our past and co-creating our future? Is it possible to foster healthy regret without eroding our self-esteem? In this informative, inspiring and empowering book, Rabbi Pinson guides us along the pathway of genuine transformation and holistic integration so that we can live fully present in the now.
  • Real teshuvah is of a higher order, not just about change, but about genuine transformation. It is a major spiritual shift, through which the by-product of change occurs organically. Teshuvah directly transforms the believer within, and then by association, purifies and aligns the belief. For instance, if one were to just change their diet without a deep realization and commitment to whole-system health, then his new eating habits would run up against all his unchanged hungers, desires and subconscious validations for unhealthy behavior. It would turn out to be a schizophrenic enterprise, one which could end up causing more internal friction, contradiction and self-defeat. But if one came to the decision to eat healthier food through a profound revelation of the multi-dimensional benefits of a healthy lifestyle, then the decision would be an organic extension of a greater worldview or understanding. This, in turn, would lead to a stronger conviction and more holistic alignment between his actions and his ideals, without contradiction."
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