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Kabbalah/ Mussar/ Philosophy
The Garden of Paradox
Author: DovBer Pinson

The Essence of Non Dual Kabbalah in three conversations Hardcover


  Product Description
Derived from actual discussions and classes at the IYYUN Center, The Garden of Paradox is a primer on the Essential Philosophy of Kabbalah, presented as a series of 3 conversations, revealing the mysteries of Creator, Creation and Consciousness.

With three representational students, embodying respectively, the philosopher, the activist and the mystic, Rav DovBer Pinson tackles the larger questions of life.

Who is G-d?
  • "But the Kabbalists were not interested in knowledge the way we normally understand it. In their attempts to know G-d, they were not concerned with amassing an inert lump of mere descriptive data. They were attempting to know in the Biblical sense -- meaning to unite with in order to achieve some form of intimacy and existential identification."
  • Whether it is manifest in our bodies' natural way of healing itself, our obsessions with diet and health, or our passionate desire to heal the world and to make peace -- it is all an expression of our yearning for Tikkun, to make right what appears to be wrong, to repair the broken.
  • By doing Tikkun -- even though everything is in essence already inherently whole -- we get to write our story, to participate in the creation, to be co-creators
  • "When we live life with Etzem, or Consciousness we are spiritually fulfilled. We are then able to come from a place of wholeness, without a sense of guilt, worthlessness, or lack... Therefore we can strive and serve with a measure of lightness and celebration. We may then spontaneously treat every person we encounter, every leaf on every tree, with unconditional respect and sensitivity.
  • Life is a Divine celebration at every moment and we are living with this awesome awareness."
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