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A Historical Atlas of the Jewish People
Author: Edited by Eli Barnavi
Publisher: Schocken Books

From the time of the Patriarchs to the Present


  Product Description
Few of the world's peoples can boast of a history as long and as varied as that of the Jews, or one encompassing such a range of achievement and tragedy. It spans more than three millennia and has touched most parts of the globe.

A Historical Atlas of the Jewish People for the first time sets forth this history graphically - in nearly a thousand detailed and accurate maps, brilliantly reproduced drawings, photographs, and paintings, plus chronologies and commentaries by dozens of leading experts.

The result is a triumph of the bookmaking art - a comprehensive and dependable reference work, a sumptuous gift volume. Spread by spread, it covers all of the main themes of the Jewish experience:
  • the earliest prehistory and the background of the Bible,
  • the movements of tribes,
  • the geographical and political setting,
  • the revolts and wars and religious developments.
  • Growth and shaping of the Jewish faith within the turbulence of Middle Eastern history.
  • Diaspora and the spread of Jews and Judaism not only into Europe but as far as China and India;
  • the scholars and philosophers;
  • the medieval centuries and new diasporas;
  • pogroms and Zionism and new homelands beyond the Atlantic;
  • the disaster of the Holocaust and the founding of the state of Israel;
  • Beyond the strictly historical, the Atlas also deals with many fascinating and important aspects of Jewish culture - languages, literature, art, and music - to give a complete picture of a people through time.
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