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General Reading
B'or Ha'torah Vol 11
Publisher: SB

The Origin of the Universe


  Product Description
In Blessed Memory of
Professor Avraham Kushelevsky
Professor Naftali Kravitsky

Creation: The Argument from Finitude
Professor Yitzchok Block

The Concept of Absolute Time
in Science and Jewish Thought
Professor Ruvin Ferber

Man as the Pinnacle of Creation
Professor nathan Aviezer

Ten Dimensions:
A Physical Theory of Everything
Rabbi Dr. naftali Berg

Inside Time
Rendered by yanki Tauber

Like the leaves on the Willow Tree
Raphael Ruderman

The Shabbat Notepad
Dr. Ephraim Nissan

Reaching the Moon:the Lubavitcher
Rebbe on Outer Space
Rabbi Yitshak Yehuda Rozen

Life on Mars?
Professor Nathan Aviezer

Torah metaphysics
Versus Newtonian Empiricism
Rabbi Dr. Shimon Dovid Cowen

Why Wasn't newton Born in China?
Professor Avraham Kushelevsky

Solomon Maimon:
A second Look at the Enlightenment
Dr. Yoseph Udelson

Joy and Sorrow (from a Novelization of The Life of Gluckel of Hameln)
Wendy Dickstein

Torah Code Abuse(a review of The Bible Code By michael Drosnin)
professor A.M Hasofer

Book Reviews
Reuven Ben Dov, MD
Asher Epstein

Torah and the literary Imagination
Professor Dan Vogel

Letters to the Editor

Women's Rights in the Torah:
The Daughters of Tslofhad
Susan Schneider

The Meaning of Tekhelet
Dr. Baruch Sterman

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