Rabbi Yissocher Frand - A Time for Teshuva
Author: Rabbi Yissocher Frand

Vol 1 = 2cd's Vol 2 = 2cd's

Product Description
Teshuvah - Repentance. It requires a fusion of mind and heart, intellect and passion. In these cassettes, Rabbi Yissocher Frand combines them masterfully. To this blend he adds a deep understanding of human anture and a genuine affection for people. This timely set of Teshuvah lectures will inspire listeners and enhance their preparations for the Days of Awe vol 1.. Tape One: It's a Matter of the Heart Tape Two: Your Lasting Legacy vol 2.... Tape One: We Dare Not Despair Tape Two: Everyone Has an Agenda Rabbi Yissocher Frand is one of the most popular teachers and lecturers of our time. No one surpasses his blend of Torah scholarship, humor, eloquence, passion and sensitivity. When he speaks, there's not an empty seat in the house!

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