Mekor Chaim
Author: Omek Hadavar


Product Description
The latest effort from Omek Hadavar was almost 5 years in the making, but good things have come to those who waited. Omek’s sophmore album, entitled “Mekor Chaim – The Source of Life”, reveals the newer, edgier, and more sophisticated sound of these modern Jewish rockers from Teaneck, New Jersey. “This album is something the Jewish music world has never heard before” says its band members. Omek Hadavar’s first album, “The Depth of the Matter”, was a major hit across the U.S. and in Israel, mainly attracting a younger audience looking for a fresh new sound in Jewish music. If you are still on the look-out, or if you’ve been waiting impatiently for another dose of Omek, the wait is finally over. With fast-paced, driven songs like “Holy Fire” and “Echad Yachid”, catchy, mid-tempo tracks like “Hariyu” and “The Bridge”, and emotionally charged anthems like “The End of All Things” and title track “Mekor Chaim”, Omek’s newest work promises something special for everyone. There’s only one thing left to say about the hottest new album which hits stores this week; Enjoy the sampler below.

  • 1. Mekor Chaim
  • 2. Holy Fire
  • 3. The End of All Things
  • 4. Ein Yeiush
  • 5. Hariyu
  • 6. The Escape
  • 7. Ashreinu
  • 8. Echad Yachid
  • 9. Song of Adam Harishon
  • 10. The Bridge
  • 11. Ein Yeiush (Acoustic)