Siddur Tehillat Hashem with English translation
Publisher: MER

Siddur Tehillat Hashem annotated & bound Siddurim 6 x 8.75

Product Description
Here’s the siddur that you’ve been waiting for! New clear typeset, easy to follow instructions, better quality paper and a super strong shul binding. Some of the features include:

  • Shaded boxes indicate prayer changes for special occasions
  • Transliterated essentials, like Kaddish and Borchu, appear as needed - no page flipping necessary
  • Instructions for sitting, standing, and other customs
  • English instructions appears on both the English and Hebrew pages
  • Headings identify major prayer sections
  • All this in a clear new English and Hebrew typesetting

Large $31.95
Pocket pb $17.95
Weekday Siddur $19.95