Hyper-Modern Ancient With-It Traditional Haggadah
Author: Tzvi Freeman

A traditional Haggadah with a clear, simple & fun translation HARD COVER

Product Description
There are plenty of traditional Haggadahs on the market, and plenty of fun, creative ones. This Haggadah is unique in that it is both. Using the ancient technique of targum, rather than direct translation, here, in plain, spoken English, all the nuances and drama of the Haggadah come alive. The formatting and titling of sections brings the structure and flow of the Seder into the open, while the language and fun cartoons make it speak to the modern mind.

  • We want people to come away from their seder seeing their Jewishness in a whole new way, inspired to do more, and smilingóbig smiles.
  • So we've provided a translation that speaks to people and opens up the structure of the Haggadah. We've written the instructions in a friendly voice. And we've included loads of fun cartoons that will keep you laughing and help you identify with the story.
  • Because we think in practical terms, we've kept the size of the Haggadah small and used a coil binding. That way it takes up minimal space on an already crowded seder table, and lays flat when you need to make kiddush or eat matzah. And so that everyone will feel they has something of lasting value, we've laminated the cover used a heavy, glossy stock for the inside.